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Ebuteli is a Congolese research institute on politics, governance and violence. Ebuteli (“staircase”, in Lingala) has made it its mission to promote, through rigorous research, an informed debate to find possible solutions to the many challenges facing the DRC. In an environment very often clouded by easy-to-spread rumours, Ebuteli hopes his work will contribute to an informed debate on issues of great national importance.

Ebuteli's work is based on three pillars:


To stimulate and promote public debate on the functioning of the Congolese state and, specifically, on issues relating to accountability;


To study and investigate the system of predation that monopolizes the wealth of the country;


To research and understand the root causes and protagonists of Congo's violence.

Ebuteli is the research partner of the Congo Research Group (CRG). The latter was founded in 2015 with the aim of promoting rigorous and independent research on the violence that affects millions of Congolese. Today, the GEC's bilingual research aims to explain the complex interactions between politics, violence and political economy in the DRC to a wide audience.